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The story behind how we got here!
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April, 24 2008

In the year 2008, specifically on April 24, a young dream began when he began a

المتلقى الطلابي الابداعي الحادي عشر

special study on the treatment of autism by virtual reality. The idea was simple and a study was launched. There was no interest from any side to provide support. In the current development and cost reduction, the road became closer to the establishment of this project.


From 2008 Until 2017

During the period 2008 to 2017 there have been several attempts to persuade the authorities in many Arab countries of centers for autism and special education and investors to set up a company in this field but they all did not succeed. Until 2017, when Mashrou3na company was established after the appropriate team to cooperate in the establishment of the company.

September 2017

Mashrou3na company began to develop programmers for autism and special education, including the treatment of autism by virtual reality and augmented reality, Picture Exchange Communication system and curriculum for autism students and others under the artificial intelligence system that the company seeks to be a breakthrough Robots for the treatment of children with autism and special education

November, 18 2018

Mashrou3na company When the second place at Umniah IoT Hackathon


الحمدالله والحمدالله رب العالمين فاز مشروعنا علاج التوحد بالمركز الثاني ضمن مسابقة هاكثون امنية ( فعالية إطلاق مختبر دعم الريادة والابتكار في "إنترنت الأشياء")

February, 5 2018

Masrou3na Joined BIG by Orange

I am pleased to announce to you that your startup (Mashrou3na) has been selected to join BIG by Orange season 5.


اورانج الاردن تطلق اليوم الموسم الخامس لبرنامجها لدعم الريادة BIG