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  • It took me a few trips to Sequoia to create an image that does the trees some justice. From the beginning, I was fixated on how tall they are, so was shooting wide angle to get everything from the trunk to the tippy top. This past summer I went back with a zoom, ready to focus solely on their massive trunks. .
Shoutout to the random guy in the sports jersey for giving scale. Full disclosure: I yelled over to him and told him to look up like that. He was skeptical.
  • @jess.wandering into the depths of the island. @arubatourism #discoveraruba #onehappyisland #sponsored
  • Like a kid on Christmas morning 👧🏻 @jess.wandering
  • Sunset session at the shipwreck 🏄‍♀️🏄🏄‍♀️ #onehappyisland #discoveraruba @arubatourism #sponsored
  • My childhood travels were in the family van. I was a little one so my seat was sandwiched between my 5 brothers and sisters. And they always blamed me for the farty smells. .
My dad had an annual meeting in @RenoTahoe that we’d make into a family trip. It was the highlight of my existence at the time. Always counting the days till I’d be somewhere out of the norm, beyond the suburbs. .
It’s funny how much these experiences I had growing up have shaped me into who I am now. The feeling hasn’t changed much. I still get butterflies of anticipation when I jump back into the van. .
6 months w/ the new Sprinter:
- 30,000 miles
- 17 states
- 1 breakdown - 2 memorable trips to #RenoTahoe
  • I love the art of photography and videography... it’s fun to craft a feeling, and to put your stamp on your work. But, with all the editing, and artistic ways to manipulate a place and enhance an experience, I often question what’s real on social media. I’ll ask myself, “wonder if it actually looks like that”, when I see a stunning image. And I consistently have people questioning what I post, “is it real?” It seems I’m not the only one who is starved for some transparency on here. So here’s an unedited phone video, that is 100% real. When I first saw the light rays shining into the cave, my first thought was, “photoshop.“
  • Checking out the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe, Nevada with 🚣🏾‍♂️ @jess.wandering . I’ve missed this place... @RenoTahoe #RenoTahoe
  • Among the pine 🌲
  • Taking the scenic route to Idaho with the new @acura #RDX. In one short week, we caught the tail end of fall, and welcomed in winter. Check out my stories and IGTV video for the changing of the seasons we captured during our trip. #lookup #acurapartner
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