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  • Prior to this trip, I only knew the mountains of @Peru... I have a new found appreciation of this country’s diversity. Between the Amazon rainforest, glacier peaks in the Andes, expansive sand dunes, and rich cultural traditions, it’s the ultimate destination. Here’s the desert oasis of Huacachina under a full moon. Shot at 16mm/30sec/f4/iso200. 
#visitperu #peruredefiningrichness
  • Been off the grid in the Amazon for the past few days... saw monkeys, a sloth, dolphins, a toucan, but the unexpected favorite was this baby Tapir. He is an orphan that was rescued by some locals and will be eventually released back into the wild. He had cool patterns and a funny nose, and followed me for a while. 😊@peru #visitperu #peruredefiningrichness
  • First trip in the new van was to see the stars with my Mom. My stoke for all this stuff comes from her. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Has to be one of the most interesting farms out there. 🌀 Happy to be working with @peru for the next few days. #visitperu #peruredefiningrichness
  • Been in a creative rut lately... how do you guys deal with feeling uninspired ?
  • Feet ankle deep in the sand, looking out to the waves. Turn around to realize that jagged mountains are towering over from behind. . . Hawaiian beauty, shot at 240mm.
  • This is exactly what I expected the beach in Australia to look like. 🦘 @jess.wandering 🦘
  • Couldn’t help but compare this beach to the one in Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream world in Inception... rocks the size of skyscrapers, eroding away and eventually collapsing. You can see the remnants of a pillar bottom left corner. I asked the heli pilot why there’s no way down to the beach, and apparently there’s a colony of penguins that live down there. Dream penguin world down there for sure. 🐧 
@savethereef #savethereef
  • @jess.wandering doing the Laird Hamilton pose. 🏄‍♀️ I’d give her a strong 7/10.👏
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