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  • @chelseakauai basking in the impossibly clear water of Florida.
  • #ad Love opening the door to new colors every fall morning. Wearing the new SH/FT boots from @columbia1938. 🥾 #moveoutsidetheexpected
  • A mama and baby manatee, chilling in the springs... Florida has been good to us.
  • - 1 mo, 5 days in
- 14 states covered - This cave shower in Kentucky was a high point.
  • To fully experience Devil’s Tower you have to make the long journey to it. Surrounded by relatively flat land, what remains of a volcano jets 867 ft (265m) out of the ground. Can totally see why alien movies have been filmed here.
  • Midday light, and calm winds.. some of my favorite conditions.
  • I am either an anomaly of success, or am going on 5 yrs of homelessness by choice. Both stories come in handy, depending on who I’m talking to. . . 
How many stories of yourself do you tell? Maybe better question - which one do you wake up believing?
Photo credit: 
1. @ilitchpeters , Thailand , 2016
2. @taylormichaelburk , Canada , 2015
3. @mylesmc , Peru , 2019
4. @klyn8 , Guatemala , 2014
  • It’s been too long since I put something weird out... who can guess what’s happening here?
  • Over the past 5 yrs of shooting, I’ve chased fall colors in 10 states... here they are ranked worst to best:

10. New Mexico
9. Idaho 
8. Washington
7. California 
6. Pennsylvania 
5. Colorado
4. New York
3. West Virginia 
2. Utah
1. Michigan

Factors in consideration: amount and diversity of color, whether the state is famous for fall colors, ways to interact and experience the scene, crowds. Obviously, I still have a lot of states to hit... and a few of these states I’m judging by a very short amount of time spent. Where to hit next... ?
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