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  • Austrian dining 🍽
  • We debated setting up closer to the water, but went for the tucked away, safe approach. When I got up to pee, the waves were crashing pretty close to us. What a nightmare it would be to get washed away in your tent. 🌊 ⛺️ Note: you need 2 permits to camp here - the Makah recreation Pass ($10 at Washburn General Store in Neah Bay) and an overnight camping pass from NPS (we got ours at the visitor center in Port Angeles -$8pp, per night plus a flat fee of $6). There is also a private parking lot to prevent break-ins. It’s a local’s front yard, located .5 miles from the official trailhead, it costs $10 a night. Plan your hike out and back around the tides. Low tide is considerably easier and you’ll stay dry. If you go on a day that forecasts cloudy, there’s a good chance it will be foggy on the beach and you won’t see the view (happened to me the first time). Bear boxes are mandatory. You can camp on the beach, above the high tide line (but I found that line hard to find) or in the established spots in the trees. Fires are legal, but only with driftwood (no harvesting from the forest) and you can’t burn pieces bigger than your forearm. We couldn’t find any suitable wood, so didn’t have a fire and wished we would’ve brought our own firewood. You guys said you liked it when I gave more info on backend stuff, so there you go, again!
  • Clouds formed like rivers, and rushed into the scene. 30 sec after this shot, I couldn’t see 10 ft in front of me. @jess.wandering
  • I look up to photographers that capture nostalgia.  Namely: @elizabethgadd @forrestmankins @thiswildidea @kitkat_ch @shortstache .  From what I can tell, it’s all about the details, and candid moments.  But, I usually fall into the trap of only shooting the grand scale of things. So here’s my attempt to appreciate something else. .
Roasted mallows are the best physical representation of nostalgia for me.  Sitting there, mesmerized by the flames, then, “oh crap, it caught on fire.” Charred mallows make for better s’mores anyways. Right?
  • Stairway to heaven (Austria version) 
I posted this video about a month ago, and took it down after a follower brought to my attention that droning in Austria is potentially illegal. I’d previously researched online and come to the conclusion that if I flew under 30 meters and away from civilization I’d be fine. Turns out some website (spoiler: don’t trust a random website) says that you always need to go thru a massive permitting process to fly a drone in Austria if you plan to take pics or video. To be safe, I took it down. Later emailed the official Austro Control (who control the airspace in Austria) and they responded with: “As long as you operate your Drone under 79 joule kinetic energy you don't need a permission”. So I researched the formula, and using a Mavic Pro at 1.62 lb at a velocity of 20km/hr generates 11.34 joule kinetic energy. Which is less than 79, so here’s the video again.  I deal with stuff like this, just spare you guys the details usually. Not a very cool story to go with this ridiculously cool day that me and @jess.wandering had in the Austrian Alps.
  • You only purchase your first house once, feeling happy that mine is on wheels. And I made it. I’m all about living in the moment, and when you combine these passionate moments together, they tend to accumulate into good stories. The story of this van is already one of my most cherished... And it’s just beginning. Ready to start the journey down to South America. @acquapannausa #acquapanna #sponsored
  • Swiss ridglines w/ @jess.wandering and @michiwohlleben(extended cut) #switzerland #gopro
  • For the youth that reach out to me. This was me in high school (freshman-senior year photos). I didn’t travel back then, just dreamt of it. Looking around my classrooms, I felt like I didn’t fit in. Maybe born in the wrong decade, or place, or something. 
So, I spent most of my time alone, decorating my room (2nd photo), and making/riding skateboards (photos 3 & 4). Now in my 30s, I look back on this awkward time of my life with so much pride. The time I spent as a teenager lost in creative outlets has now paid off 10 fold. It gave me my eye for photography. 
The most annoying phrase I hear (especially from teenagers) is “I’m bored”. When I got bored as a 13 year old I found a big stack of my mom’s “Better Home and Gardens” magazines and started stapling them to my walls. Didn’t really like the magazine, it was all about color. I kept going till the walls, ceiling, doors, windows were all covered. Whenever I felt bored, I’d go into that room, and find something else to staple up on the wall. I think by the end it was about 5 layers thick. 
Around 15y/o I stepped out of my room to the driveway and started making skateboards. There was a house under construction up the street that I’d get scrap wood from. My school notebooks were full of sketched board designs, and I spent all free time cutting, sanding, painting, and ultimately riding my creations. 
If at any time, I’d been given the opportunity to travel abroad I would’ve been the most stoked kid... But my travel opps came after high school and college. It was that much sweeter when I finally saved up, and was able to see the world beyond my bubble. A lot of people glorify making goals, and working for the future... I think the earlier you realize that happiness is only found in the present moment, the more successful you’ll be in life.
  • 5 years ago, someone showed me a picture of the PNW forest lit up by light rays. In an attempt to see if it was real or not, I made my first trip north. Turns out the forest is real, but the light rays are elusive. And after 5 years of searching for em ... we woke up to clearing fog, with bright sun shining thru, witnessing the PNW rays. Surreal. 👼
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