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  • It was us and two locals at this cenote. They brought speakers and put them all around the cave and blasted music that bounced off the walls. Lots of times it’s annoying when people play music in nature, but this cave had the best acoustics I’ve heard. Swipe for a video... the song that kicks in is the natural audio from my camera. Not sure what song it is, but it def felt like a movie.
  • Still trying to process the magnitude of the flower bloom that @jess.wandering and I walked thru today. I’ll never forget seeing the neon orange hills from miles away on the drive in. We looked at each other and wondered what it was. It seemed like a fiery red alpenglow that we’d only seen in the alpine... but soon realized it was all flowers. A sea of orange rolling hills. . .
For those of you wondering: the orange flower here is the Golden Poppy which is also the official state flower of California. This intense of bloom doesn’t happen very often, only when it rains a lot. If you’re planning on going, know that it’s extremely crowded, and factor in more travel time, cause parking is insane. Please be respectful and don’t trample the flowers that everyone who has traveled lengths to see. Stay on the beaten paths - which these photos were all taken from. ✌️🌼✌️
  • Highline possibilities. .
🎵: Radiohead “Kid A”
  • Out of my trips, the Philippines stands out. It’s up there with the American South, and when I road tripped Central America. Good memories with @jess.wandering 🍃
  • There are over 6000 cenotes (sinkholes like this) in the Yucatán Peninsula. Most of which are not tourist attractions, and some of which are still uncovered. Walking around the forest here, iguanas pop out of the bushes, and the locals will tell you stories of Jaguars. Oh and there might be something like this below your feet, waiting to be discovered. .
. 🧗🏻‍♀️: @jess.wandering
  • When I go trekking alone, the animals speak to me. This goat talked me thru my stresses at the time. So I guess that’s the benefit of solo time, you look to your surroundings, and appreciate them more.
  • Of the places I’ve been, I’d say Zhangjiajie left the greatest impression on me. It was the most crowded streets I’ve seen - on Disneyland’s level, but larger scale. I was a foot taller than the crowd. And the only one with light hair. People were pointing, taking pictures, grabbing my arm and pulling in their direction and throwing out their selfie sticks to pose in front of me... felt like a movie star there for a second. 🥴
  • @Jess.wandering gets ready for the beach by putting on her island hat. 😎 🏖 . . been trying to figure out how to properly execute this shot for years. Did this one at high aperture to keep foreground and background in focus. Inspired by the perspective work of @asenseofhuber and @moderntarzan 🙏 two of the most creative dudes on here.
  • 6 years ago, I was stuck in a daydream at my desk. It might’ve been that I’d just seen “Walter Mitty” or it might’ve been fate calling from deep down.. but I jumped on Facebook to see that my brother posted one of those freak plane deals 👉$200 round trip flights to Peru👈 and I clicked. .
I’ve told this story a million times, so you all know where it’s going. All these years later, I’m still here. Sometimes it feels like I never came back from that trip. Never came back to reality. Am I running away? Or stepping into what I’m meant to be? You guys are the wrong people to ask cause I’m sure it’d be a unanimous Keep Going 🙌 ! 🤘! . .
About a month ago, I jumped into a cut out hole in a frozen river. I look back at this photo with intense nostalgia. It might be my fav photo of me ever. If only I could go back to depressed me 6 years ago and show him this picture. Slowly lean over and whisper in my ear how much I got paid for the job (equivalent of 6 mo at that office) . . .
It’s been nearly 4 years of full time jumping into scary places. Nonstop camera slinging, stomach dropping, catching my breath fun. Emphasis on the word: Nonstop. To thrvive into 2020, I need balance. (writing this from the bathtub after a day of construction 💆🏼‍♂️ 🛁 ) . .
Check out @quinsvan for more construction. 🔨 . .
Photo by: @jess.wandering
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