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Digital Sensory Kit



A sensory kit will be unique to each individual as each child is unique and has their own needs. Finding the perfect fit is like finding the perfect match for personality.

What Is In Digital Sensory Kit?

Digital sensory kit will have varied items inside depending on your child’s needs and interests. In essence, you want to include items that will both help alert and calm children (as these needs occur at different times in a day), items that will reduce stress or sensory triggers, and items that will provide sensory input to your child without being overly distracting to the other children around them.
When we made our sensory kit, I wanted to make sure I could make it easily and without having to order expensive materials. Almost all of the items you will see listed in our kit are all items we found at a local hardware store, Target, or the money Store.

1. connected to PECS system.
2. Sound system.
3. Smell system.
4. Applied Behavior system


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